What is it?

FlexaWare for real-time streaming analytics: data in, action out

FlexaWare® is a real-time streaming analytics embedded platform, built with parallel processor cores that can analyze data extremely fast. It was designed from the ground up to receive large amounts of streaming data in parallel, process them in real-time, and turn the data into action.

FlexaWare® real-time streaming analytics hardware

FlexaWare hardware

The FlexaWare many-core processor platform for real-time streaming analytics was built for real-time data ingestion of data streams from a myriad of sources. It offers superior data processing for real-time streaming analytics applications: its parallel processor cores can analyze your data extremely fast.

FlexaWare hardware design offers flexible, scalable and modular structure. Inside the "black box” are specific combinations of modules determine the performance and cater to the specific streaming analytics application.
FlexaWare is available in the following distinct hardware configurations: