Development platform

FlexaWare® FW400 development platform for streaming analytics

FlexaWare FW400 -the programmable platform for streaming analyticsReady to start developing your own streaming analytics application, but you don't know yet what you need?

The FlexaWare collection comes in a range of hardware configurations with a flexible, scalable and modular structure. Specific combinations of modules inside the "black box" determine the performance and cater to specific streaming analytics applications. What all FlexaWare products have in common, is that they are designed for streaming analytics and feature a many-core embedded hardware design.

For starting with the development of your own streaming analytics application, we offer the FlexaWare FW400 development platform in a "getting started" configuration. Once you know which distinct hardware configuration fits best to your application, you can select the best fit for the final application.  FlexaWare's modular structure makes porting your data analytics application to a "bigger" or "smaller" hardware configuration a breeze.

The FlexaWare FW400 development platform is attractively priced.


  • Parallel data streams feed right into the processor network
  • 8 x 10 Gbps RJ45 copper Ethernet inputs
  • An internal high-speed Gbps interconnect enables fast communication between cores and modules
  • 100+ RISC processor cores and optimized hardware accelerators
  • Low-latency local memories in a distributed memory architecture
  • Hardware accelerators speed up compute-intensive data processing tasks
  • 1x 1 Gbps RJ45 copper Ethernet output communicates analysis results
  • Passive cooling
  • Size 20,4 (24,4) x 8,2 x 22,5 cm3 (width (mounting plate) x height x depth)


Programming the FlexaWare FW400 development platform is easy and straighforward with the FlexaWare Software Development Environment.