IoT analytics gateway

FlexaGateTM FG400 IoT analytics gateway

FlexaGate FG400 - IoT analytics gateway

An IoT analytics gateway is an edge gateway or IoT gateway with the processing power for data analytics. It analyzes IoT data close to the data source, before data is transported to the cloud.

It offers its greatest benefits if:

  • it is essential to quickly analyze data from IoT "things", sensors, or smart devices,
  • connecting IoT "things", factory sensors, or other data sources to the internet is undesirable,
  • internet connectivity is unreliable or limited, or
  • you like to reduce recurring cloud bandwidth, storage space, and computing costs.

The FlexaGate FG400 IoT analytics gateway allows you to act timely on data, store and analyze only relevant data, and save on cloud costs. It provides reliable real-time streaming analytics, irrespective of internet connection quality.

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  • Analytics gateway for fast IoT data processing at the edge of the cloud
  • Allows instantaneous reaction to time-sensitive data
  • Saves cloud bandwidth, storage and processing costs
  • 8 x 10 Gbps RJ45 copper Ethernet inputs for streaming data ingestion from multiple sensors
  • 1x 1 Gbps RJ45 copper Ethernet output for communicating analysis results to the cloud
  • Parallel data streams feed right into the processor network
  • 100+ RISC processor cores and optimized hardware accelerators for IoT data processing
  • Low-latency local memories in a distributed memory architecture
  • Passive cooling
  • Size 20,4 (24,4) x 8,2 x 22,5 cm (width (mounting plate) x height x depth)


Programming the FlexaGate FG400 IoT analytics gateway is easy and straighforward with the FlexaWare Software Development Environment.