Streaming analytics server

FlexaMiner® FM800 streaming analytics server

FlexaMiner FM800 for streaming analyticsA streaming analytics server answers the demand for real-time data ingestion of large data streams and the shortest possible time to insight.

It is most beneficial if:

  • a wide variety of sensors collect a wealth of data, in large data streams,
  • time to insight is essential for taking timely action,
  • you want to run applications that inspect, correlate and analyze data as it streams into the platform
  • you need a powerful number cruncher for running your streaming analytics applications.

FlexaMiner FM800 streaming analytics server processes the data in real-time, with optimized hardware close to the data source, before it lands in a (cloud) database. It acts on data much faster than traditional datacenter-based data analytics technologies do. Its 16 Ethernet inputs ingest large data streams in parallel. The 200+ processor cores process data in real-time and turn data into actions, corrections, or alerts.


  • 19" 1U appliance
  • Parallel data streams feed right into the processor network
  • 16 x 10 Gbps RJ45 copper Ethernet inputs
  • An internal high-speed Gbps interconnect enables fast communication between cores
  • 200+ RISC processor cores and hardware accelerators
  • Low-latency local memories in a distributed memory architecture
  • Hardware accelerators speed up compute-intensive data processing tasks
  • 2x 1 Gbps RJ45 copper Ethernet output communicates analysis results
  • Active cooling
  • 19" rack shelf form factor 44,2 (48,4) x 4,4 x 43,4 cm (width (mounting plate) x height x depth)
  • Optional redundant power supplies