Why FlexaWare?

Streaming analytics: from data to action

Do you need actionable insights from various data streams fast? Do you want to extract business value from “data in motion”, similar to traditional analytics tools that analyze “data at rest”?

Streaming analytics enable near real-time decision making on data in motion by letting you inspect, correlate and analyze data as it streams into the platform from a myriad of different sources.

Act on time-sensitive data now

A streaming analytics platform processes data before it lands in a database. It allows you to act on the data much faster than traditional data analytics technologies do.

This is important for time-sensitive data, when the value of the data decays fast over time. To extract the largest possible business value from this type of data, it is key to analyze and take action as soon as the data arrives.

Analyze, filter, and act

Instead of storing all incoming data for later analysis, streaming analytics lets you analyze the incoming data immediately. It selects only those relevant pieces of data, that can also be stored for later reference or further analysis. Streaming analytics filters out the information you are interested in and allows you to act on it immediately.

Streaming analytics can be performed in software at the center of the network, but is much more performant when executed with optimized hardware at the right place in the network.

Would you like to know more about why to use streaming analytics rather than "normal" data analytics? Read our 'why streaming analytics'...

FlexaWare, the many-core processor platform for real-time streaming analytics

FlexaWare is a real-time streaming analytics embedded platform, built with hundreds of parallel processor cores that can analyze your data extremely fast.

The FlexaWare embedded platform was designed from the ground up to receive large amounts of streaming data in parallel, process in real-time, and turn  data into actions, corrections, or alerts. Programming is simple and straightforward, notwithstanding the underlying many-core hardware complexity.

The FlexaWare embedded platform provides streaming analytics hardware dedicated to your application domain.

FlexaWare for streaming analytics turns data into action

FlexaWare extracts critical information from your streaming data and turns it into immediate action.

Why dedicated streaming analytics hardware for data stream processing?

For streaming analytics, a method of continuous computation on the data flowing through the hardware system is beneficial. This is known as stream processing and allows real-time decision making on data in motion.

Stream processing allows the system to make (near) real-time decisions on streaming data from a wide range of data stream sources and sensors.

Dedicated hardware that accepts a multitude of data streams and that offers a hardware architecture dedicated to stream processing, boosts processing performance and time to insight and action. Read more on FlexaWare hardware to see how this matches a hardware architecture for stream processing...